1: You can send us product information including chemical structure, chemical name, CAS NO, MOA etc by email.
2: You can notify your supplier to send the sample to our designated place.
3: Our employee will record in file after receipt of sample, then sample will be delivered to the testing center for testing purpose. We can also take photos or keep samples as per your requests.
4: Samples will be tested as per your provided MOA, usually testing result will be available in 2 working days.
5: Testing reports will be sent to you by email.
We warmly welcome you to send us your product information and testing request via mail.
Please find our testing items as follows:
Physical and chemical parameter Qualitative & Quantitative testing
Flammable range of gas(upper limit and lower limit) 13C-NMR
Closed-cup flash point 19F-NMR
Open–cup flash point 31P-NMR
Fire point(liquid) QNMR
(Initial) boiling point DEPT
Boiling point/ distillation range COSY
Self-sustaining exothermic decomposition temperature TOCSY
relative self-ignition temperature solids NOESY
Auto-ignition temperature (liquids and gases) ROESY
Melting point/melting range HSQC
Vapor Pressure HMBC
Density GC
Surface Tension GCMS
Particle Size Distribution HPLC
Kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic Viscosity LCMS
Moisture content IC
Specific Rotation
Residual SolventGCHS