• 中文名称:(R)-1-BOC-3-羟甲基吡咯烷
  • MDL:MFCD03094725
  • Formula:C10H19NO3
  • Mol Weight:201.26
  • MP
  • BP
  • FP
  • Density
  • Vapordensity
  • Vaporpressure
  • Refractiveindex
  • Solubility
  • Watersolubility
  • Freezingpoint
  • Stability
  • Riskstatements
  • Hazardclass
  • Packinggroup
  • Hazardoussubstances
  • Hazard Note
  • Storage Temperature
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4,614.00 1kg 97%+ in stock 20170423 Inquiry
861.28 100g 97%min in stock 20170305 Inquiry
276.84 25g 97%min in stock 20170305 Inquiry
307.60 25g 97%min in stock 20170305 Inquiry
338.36 25g 97%min in stock 20170305 Inquiry
276.84 25g 97% min in stock 20161106 Inquiry
461.40 25g 98% min 1months 20161106 Inquiry
1,384.20 100g 97% min 3weeks 20161106 Inquiry
307.60 25g 97% min 1weeks 20161106 Inquiry
384.50 25g 97% min in stock 20161109 Inquiry
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