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CAS No Ref Price Qty Purity Lead Time Update Time
2752-65-0 ¥35000/100g 100g 95%+ in stock 20170501
1189513-55-0 ¥35000/100g 100g 95%. 1months 20170501
2039-88-5 ¥26000/1kg for 1kg 1kg 97%. in stock 20170501
7440-05-3 ¥21400/1kg 1kg in stock 20170501
321921-71-5 ¥19000/1kg 1kg 98%+ 2weeks 20170501
15060-55-6 ¥18000/500g 500g 98%. in stock 20170501
87600-71-3 ¥17500/50g 50g 95%. in stock 20170501
865139-18-0 ¥16000/1kg for 1.5kg 1kg 97%+ 5weeks 20170501
402-12-0 ¥13000/500g 500g 98%. 1months 20170501
380430-53-5 ¥12500/1kg 1kg 98%+ 1months 20170501

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We can provide chemical testing services for our customer, saving customer’s testing fee and international transport time. We are cooperating with professional testing centers who can guarantee precise testing results for each chemical.

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